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Someone you should remember

Well, every now and than we all start thinking about life, love and other first world problems. We all think that our lives suck, because we got dumped or because “daddy didn’t give us money” or something else, whic...


h just brings down the mood pointlessly. So let me introduce you to one story. It’s the story of a guy I knew not a long time ago. Yes, he died. Ha, just ruined the ending, huh. Let me tell you something – if you are hoping for another love story with happy ending, just stop reading now, because that’s not what you’re going to get. No. This is a story of an old man, who died without anyone knowing of his greatness.

He used to live in an old house on a small street, which I used to take for a short cut if I was late for school. I could see him there every time, sitting on his front porch and holding one guitar. He never played it, though. Once I saw him tuning it, but it was in a very strange way, which I don’t think would’ve sounded good. Once I had a class, which I hated and decided to stop by and just out of politeness talk with the guy – I was just having a rough day and I have this policy: whenever you feel bad, do something good for someone, who needs it. Whatever, so I stopped and since he was smoking I decided to chat with him, while I smoked my cigarette as well. It took longer than I thought. Apparently I stayed there for an hour and a half complaining about my stupid problems, which I can say he listened to with a lot of patience.

After a while it became like a routine for me to go there and sit with him for 5-10 minutes before my classes – I would complain and he would listen to me and sometimes give an advice. I thought we had become friends – I could say that he was like my third grandpa.

One day I met a friend on my way to school, so I didn’t go trough this street. I totally forgot. I was having too much fun and I completely forgot about my recent friend. The next day, when I went to his house, I didn’t see him. The same happened the day after and the day after and it continued like this for a week. I remember even the day – it was a sunny Thursday when I met one of his neighbours and she told me he had passed away. I don’t remember why, because I was in a big shock when I heard it, but I remember ending up in his house. On the table I saw 2 letters – one was addressed to me and the other to him. The one for him had been opened already. I opened mine first. It read:
“ When you read this I would be probably gone. Thank you for keeping me company. You’re a nice girl. I remember once you asked why I was holding the guitar and never playing it. Well it belonged to my wife’s. It is the only memory I have left of her and I just wanted to hold onto it as long as possible. If you read the other letter you’ll understand more”

As you can guess now I opened the other one:
“ My love,
I am sorry but I can’t wait for you more. The pain is too big. I can’t know if you’ll come back alive or not. I just know that if you do it would be a miracle. When you read this I will be probably gone. I just don’t like this planet anymore. I think I am going crazy again and as you can see from my handwriting I struggle even with writing this to you. I just want you to know that I love you more than anything, even more than myself, which not many people can say. You are my first love and you will be my last. But if you do come back from the war, don’t be sad for what I’ve done. I will watch upon you and live in your heart. –J”

After reading this I was even more shocked than I was before. My feelings and thoughts were bursting in my head, so I just fell on the ground and sat there with the letters in my hands for a while. I couldn’t help myself but cry. I just couldn’t stand the thought of the pain that this man had been trough.

Next thing I remember is just taking the guitar home with me and playing it for hours, it didn’t matter that I didn’t know very well how to, but this time the odd tuning sounded amazing and I couldn’t wish for something more blissful.
So that is the story that I wanted to share, because I just didn’t want it to be lost and never heard of.
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