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Businesses you can run from anywhere

There’s been a prominent shift in the way that Gen Y perceives work and the idea of a “career.” No longer are most students graduating and trying to lock down a 30 year job at a major corporation. The security (or enjoyment) just isn’t there anymore. Over the last five years thousands of 20 somethings have seen their parents lose their careers, and have been told that they may not get their dream job right out of school.    
Throw in the fact that this is already a generation of entitlement, and you find yourself with a disgruntled demographic that’s become very jaded by the idea of traditional employment.

Living well on just $11,000 a year

Our last story on frugal living, "The Secret to Living Well on $20,000 a Year," stirred up some heated comments, many of which argued that $20,000 a year represents a king's ransom. "Someone should do an article on how to live on less than $10,000 per year. I am a single mother who is doing just that," wrote Rici of Wyoming.

An anonymous commenter from Texas wrote, "[I'm] not impressed. I live on $8,796 a year."

"I am retired and living on less than $1,000 a month [from] Social Security," wrote Liz Ortiz of Colorado.


Why some people still crave cassettes

Luke Thordarson is an audiophile with a houseful of fancy amplifiers and speakers, but he has been hunting for one special piece of technology to complete his setup.

He found it on a blue tarp at the flea market here one Sunday recently. "How much are you asking for this?" Mr. Thordarson asked the vendor, trying to hide his excitement.


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